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Through the culture
Management idea: take the market as the guidance, based on the research and development, take the quality as life, to manage for protection. Continuously improve the competitiveness of the enterprises. Feet on the ground, research and development innovation. With speed to adapt to the market, with quality to meet competition, with a reputation to maintain the customer.
Enterprise culture: the people, culture is the soul, to carry out the enterprise culture construction is to strengthen and improve in the new century "through the fluid flow control" the only way for management. It is also the key for the sustainable development.
Enterprise desire: to create value, serve the society.
Enterprise concept: people-oriented, sincere treat people, excellence, customer trust.
Company spirit: innovation, stable, struggle, development.
Concept of choose and employ persons: having both ability and political integrity, good for first, joining tong, stable income.
Enterprise slogan: the fluid flow control, manufacturing first-class quality.
Enterprise tenet: quality first, customer first.
Meticulous quality policy: the products, satisfactory service extension market, continuously improve and promote development.
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