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lpg gas mixer for forklift

Publisher: webmaster   Release time: 2017-02-20
lpg gas mixer for forklift

CA100 series is a single diaphragm mixer of proportional gas valve. 90°air inlet reduced the requirement of top space when installation, and could choose several different gas cover and throttle. The part applies to lpg and natural gas, its air velocity is 197CFM(93 L/s). This model mixer filling “FB” to show the type used in feedback fuel control system. 
The 100 series mixer provides a convenient 1/8 inch(NPT) balance port and two separate proportional gas valve vacuum signal ports. Optional gasket can be used to lighten the air fuel ratio in order to achieve an additional low idle speed control.




Engine parts of Forklift 叉车燃气部分

Fuel Type燃料形式

LPG or Natural Gas液化石油气燃气或天然气

Inlet pressure进气压力

-1.5” w.c. (-0.37 kPa)

Diaphragm material隔膜材料

Indane alkanol or silica gel 茚烷醇或硅胶

Installation location安装位置

Vertical 垂直安装

Work temp ambient工作温度范围

-40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)

HP/kW PowerHP/kW功率

123 HP (91.7 kW) @ 197 CFM (93 L/s) and the pressure of 2.0”mercury column

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