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The product quality service commitment and told to book

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In order to meet the needs of customers, the company make the following commitment to product quality and service and inform:
A, will be in strict accordance with the IS09001:2000 standard and quality policy: "reliable quality, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and common development" of the requirements for product design, production, service and continuous improvement, and at the same time meet the requirements of national production license and the relevant laws and regulations requirements;
2, set up sales service special line, since I received customer service requirements, reply within an hour, and negotiate with the customer specific services, with customers on the basis of consensus, according to the appointed time with customers and the several ways to do service work (including pre-sale, sale and after-sale) :
(1) phone/fax service
(2) the network/email service
(3) commissioned the company of the company or foreign agencies approved by the third party service
(4) other way agreed with the customer service
Three, the product quality guarantee period: 1 year - - - 10 years (depending on the product requirements, product model); All through the brand products offered by our company the quality guarantee period as follows: 1 -- 10 years (from product sales as of the date of delivery). Among them, from product sales, as of the date of shipment in 1 year to confirm the repair replacement for have quality problems of products to party b free, free scope includes: free nonconforming product and bad product model is consistent with the repair or make things, and take the exchange produced by car or rail freight back and forth. Customers from the hand of the user to recover non-conforming all expenses shall be borne by the customer.
After 1 year free warranty and, within the warranty period shall be recognized as have quality problems of products, our company provide favorable service and the quality of the corresponding responsibility, and charge maintenance non-conforming materials, free labor and burden qualified products to the customer's car or rail freight; Customer burden from the hand of the user to recover what has happened in the defective product and return our freight and maintenance cost of raw materials produced by my company.
, for the following reasons resulting in the product itself quality problem, I don't promise free repair replacement service company, and do not assume corresponding responsibility:
(1) natural disasters and other force majeure;
(2) the wrong installation, use, abuse, negligence or modification for products;
(3) is not in accordance with the requirements of the company's technical data error control mode or connection to improper voltage power supply (such as: wrong answer the AC220V power); Or unreliable connection (such as: wrong polarity or poor contact) leading to product electrical drive control failure;
(4) of the company technical personnel or outside of the company without being authorized by any unauthorized disassembly, repair;
(5) fault generated by the product and the other have not been evaluated by the company of form a complete set of accessories, products, auxiliary parts or equipment in common use, or the company to provide the product itself has no defects, but the error due to party a in order;
6. Without this company written authorization, product serial number or other important symbol of the additional and labeling changes by customer or the user manual or remove;
After all landowners product handed over to the customer, due to customer improper safekeeping, loss or damage caused by;
Today because the customer reason, unable to build user profiles products of the company or the customer cannot provide effective evidence to prove that is a product of party b;
(4) the quality of the product after the warranty expires, it is recommended that the user change in time expired products, otherwise, the company will not accept liability for expired product quality (exemption), the company may continue to provide paid services for customers.
Four, the company will regularly to the customer satisfaction investigation, and continuously improve the quality of product and service. Customers should take the initiative to inform obligation to perform the necessary products to its users, according to the data provided by our related content, inform the user effectively and passing on the installation of the company's products use and safety responsibility of all matters needing attention, otherwise, the resulting losses and responsibility, shall be borne by the customer.
Customers that companies have a duty to help our company to establish detailed product user profiles, and at the end of December each year for the company for the record, or as the customer agree that the company was relieved from the responsibility
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