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The company stable development

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The 1996-10 companies in shangyu city dongguan street do refrigeration solenoid valve to rent more than 100 square meters, expansion valve staff of 15 people
1997-2 companies to buy two jinan CNC in one.
1997-5 company do solenoid valve used in industry has 4 sets of CNC and 10 table lathes 20 employees
1998-2000 company refrigeration solenoid valve, thermal expansion valve and two two-way solenoid valve industry more famous
2000-6 company purchased 8 acres, building up the steel structure factory building. Electromagnetic valve developed medical apparatus and instruments
2001 the company purchased more than 20 machine tools, forging machine tools. All himself a line production.
2002 company bought more than 10 machine tools at number has more than 50 people
2003 the company in accordance with the ISO9000-2000 quality management system
2004 established trade unions, organization once or twice a year the staff travel
2005 companies out of a batch of old equipment, added more than 10 sets of new equipment.
2006 the company developed patented high frequency electromagnetic valve and the high praise
2007 the company developed a batch of new types of electromagnetic valve and stable domestic and foreign customers
Added new plants built 2008. The ground all use wear-resisting coating production workshop. Was rated as excellent union
2009 all installed in the workshop air conditioning, summer is not worried about the employee's work environment.
2010 to develop new products, apply for a patent, with small and exquisite, stable small span development.
Added precision CNC, and more than 30, 2011, become a professional precision automatic control products production base, become the science and technology enterprises of shaoxing city. Through the two provincial new product appraisal
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