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Why did you choose the?

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1. All the efforts is to more satisfied customers, through the continuous research and guide the customer needs, continuous improvement of product and always give top priority to customer's security needs and long-term interests, create value for customers.
2. On the stick to fully meet the requirements of strict laws and regulations for safety products, strive to let the government trust, trust, customer satisfaction, enterprise development of the industry.
4. Let the security to create wealth, to make the customer in the success of business philosophy and model, won the praise of numerous customers and users and confidence
5. Select = choice security, choose tong = choose success, choose = acquire wealth
6. All its own product design, production, each parts precision control, in strict accordance with the ISO9000 quality system management. Full automatic production, put an end to human factors appear bad product.
7. Was rated as excellent trade unions and harmonious enterprise is the company's biggest honor. Company firmly believe that only staff stable stable quality.
8. Through the product failure rate under 1 ‰ (500000 products, including but not limited to failure) in the process of installation and use of products and perfect service commitment, make product popularized with the real condition, make the product in the process of using the service and maintenance costs significantly lower than similar products, allows users to truly enjoy the long-term security, also make product distributors to get the cheapest run maintenance cost, which fully reflects the excellent cost performance and safety of the products
9. The products from raw materials to come in, to design, to open die forging processing, CNC automatic processing on its own. Self assembly test. So to meet all customer delivery and quality. Make more and more customers to become long-term partner.
10. Under the unfavorable situation of low inferior products flooding the market, the good refused to go with the flow, through the competition strategy is better thin margins, never cut corners, not to mention bad material (even a bolt), quality is the basic needs of security and safeguard forever, for the sake of safety, and refused to bad, insist on quality, service, cost performance and scale operation to meet customers, service customers.
11. Excellent design makes sense in imitation and counterfeit products flooding the market situation, always maintain its own unique style and competitive advantages, the pursuit of excellence of its own.
12. The brand awareness and value of constantly improve, will certainly to bring customers more chance of success and interest protection
13. Tong, can provide customers with the most professional technical support, training, and value-added services, to help customers succeed...
Choose tong, don't wrong!
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