We,Shangyu Tongli Fluid Control Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1997 and qualified ISO9000 in 2008, is specializing in designing and manufacturing various Solenoid Valves and Control Electronics which satisfy different needs and industrial requirements to control the most diverse liquids and gases. Our main products include injectors and regulators for CNG/LPG-fuel system, 20MPa high pressure solenoid valves, and standard solenoid valves used in digital water curtain (we achieve projects in CCTV headquarters, World Expo’ Shanghai, etc.), medical appliance, high precision vacuum pump, and refrigeration systems, etc.
With over years of delicate design, precise manufacturing, strict quality control and satisfied after service. All these based on We have hundreds skilled workers, experienced technicians, 4500m2 production plant, complete sets of CNC precise machine tools, precise auto control lathes, 15 assembling lines and test equipments like High/low temperature test box, Ozone box, Salt spray test box, Three coordinate projector, etc.
All serious clients are welcomed to visit our company for business to share development together.
5.1 labor day trip to wuzhen in 2011.
5.1 labor day 2011, the company union travel all the employees once a year, a day at the time 4.30 days. Employees hard for several months, by labor day time to relax.
Company organization section 5.1 for more than 10 years ol...
Company organized in 2011, 4. 30, length of service for more than 10 years the staff to visit Beijing. 4.29 days in the evening, back 3. 4.

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